We Design And Print Protein & Nutrition Labels In Ireland.

Our state of the art machinery and production practices make us one of the fastest label manufacturers in Ireland, with average lead times of 4 days.

It’s easy to re-order your labels using Siteline, our 24/7 online ordering portal which also allows you to upload batch information.

We’re in business:

25+ years

Daily Output:

2M+ labels

What are Protein and Nutrition Labels used for?

Protein and nutrition labels are used to provide information about the protein and nutrient content of food products. Some of the types of information that may be included on protein and nutrition labels include:

  • The serving size and number of servings per container
  • The total calorie content per serving
  • The amount of fat, cholesterol, sodium, and carbohydrate per serving
  • The amount of protein per serving
  • The percent daily value (%DV) for various nutrients, based on a standard 2,000 calorie per day diet
  • The ingredient list for the product
  • Any relevant allergens or other dietary considerations

Protein and nutrition labels are an important tool for helping consumers make informed decisions about the foods they eat. They allow consumers to compare the protein and nutrient content of different products and to choose foods that meet their nutritional needs. Protein and nutrition labels can also be helpful for people who are following specific diets or who have certain medical conditions that require them to monitor their protein and nutrient intake.

Why should I choose Impact Labelling to produce Protein & Nutrition Labels?

  •  A proven track record supplying to some of the biggest names in the Protein & Nutrition industry
  • Ireland shortest lead times with an average lead time of 2-3 days for digital labels, with same day Emergency delivery options
  • A variety of materials, including paper, polypropylene, thermal, clear & metallics
  • HD Full colour labels- CMYO & W
  • Choice of gloss, matt, textured, patterned & tactile varnishes
  • Special die cuts, of almost any shape
  • Foil embellishment
  • Peel & Reveal Labels
  • Reverse Printing
  • Batch & BBD printing per order- at no additional cost
  • Opaque White- 73%
  • Very high lightfastness properties
  • Ireland’s first & only of its type digital press, using Food & Pharma safe EuPia, Swiss Ordinance & Nestle certified Inks.
  • Food safe, low migration inks
  • Variety of core sizes (19, 25, 38, 40, 45 & 76mm)
  • Online ordering portal giving transparency to pricing, label specs, live order statuses & order history

Samples of our Protein & Nutrition Labels