We Design And Print Laminated Labels in Ireland.

Our state of the art machinery and production practices make us one of the fastest label manufacturers in Ireland, with average lead times of 4 days.

It’s easy to re-order your labels using Siteline, our 24/7 online ordering portal which also allows you to upload batch information.

We’re in business:

25+ years

Daily Output:

2M+ labels

What are Laminated Labels?

Laminated labels are labels that have a protective layer or coating applied to them. Lamination is a process that involves applying a layer of material, such as film or foil, to the surface of the label using heat, pressure, or adhesive. Laminated labels are more durable and resistant to wear, moisture, and other environmental factors than non-laminated labels.

Laminated labels are used in a variety of applications, and they are often used when there is a need for increased durability or protection for the label, and can be found on a wide range of products.

There are several types of lamination techniques that can be used to create laminated labels, including hot lamination, cold lamination, and UV lamination. The type of lamination used may depend on the specific needs and requirements of the application.

Why should I choose Impact Labelling to produce Laminated Labels?

  • 25+ years experience working with brands to ensure they have the optimum finish for their label application
  • Our state of the art machinery allows us to apply almost any type of laminate to labels to offer added protection where required or specialist films for specific applications
  • Our Digital Press Ink its extremely robust (can’t be removed from a PP material with Acetone), meaning that many of our customers who would have had a laminate for added protection have been able to save money by removing the laminate
  • HD Full colour labels- CMYO & W
  • Batch & BBD printing per order- at no additional cost
  • Special die cuts, of almost any shape
  • Online ordering portal giving transparency to pricing, label specs, live order statuses & order history.

Samples of our Laminated Labels