We Design And Print Linerless Labels In Ireland.

Our state of the art machinery and production practices make us one of the fastest label manufacturers in Ireland, with average lead times of 4 days.

It’s easy to re-order your labels using Siteline, our 24/7 online ordering portal which also allows you to upload batch information.

We’re in business:

25+ years

Daily Output:

2M+ labels

What are Linerless Labels used for?

Linerless labels are a type of label that does not have a liner or backing material, unlike traditional labels that have a release liner. This means that linerless labels are self-adhesive and do not require any additional materials to be applied.

Linerless labels are typically made from a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is coated onto a face stock material. The face stock material can vary depending on the application and requirements, but is often a thermal paper or synthetic material.

Linerless labels are often used in the food and beverage industry, where they can be used to label products such as sandwiches, salads, and wraps. They are also commonly used in the logistics and transportation industry, where they can be used to label packages and pallets.

Some benefits of using linerless labels include increased efficiency and reduced waste. Linerless labels can be printed and applied in a single step, reducing the time and resources required for labeling. Additionally, because there is no liner to dispose of, linerless labels can reduce waste and improve sustainability.

Why should I choose Impact Labelling to produce Linerless Labels?

  • 25+ years experience supplying to one of Ireland’s biggest Electronic Companies
  • Ireland shortest lead times
  • Online ordering portal giving transparency to pricing, label specs, live order statuses & order history.

Samples of our Linerless Labels