We Design And Print Barcode Labels In Ireland.

Our state of the art machinery and production practices make us one of the fastest label manufacturers in Ireland, with average lead times of 4 days.

It’s easy to re-order your labels using Siteline, our 24/7 online ordering portal which also allows you to upload batch information.

We’re in business:

25+ years

Daily Output:

2M+ labels

What are Barcode Labels?

Barcode labels are labels that contain a barcode, which is a series of parallel lines of varying widths that encode data about a product or item. Barcodes are used to automatically identify and track products, and are commonly found on a wide range of items, including consumer goods, shipping packages, and medical supplies.

Barcode labels are typically made of materials that are compatible with the printing method used to create the barcode, such as thermal transfer or laser printing. They may also be coated with a special surface finish that allows for the ink or toner from the printing process to adhere properly to the label.

Barcode labels are used to automate the process of tracking and managing inventory, and are an important tool in supply chain management. They allow for the quick and accurate scanning and identification of products, which can help improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Why should I choose Impact Labelling to produce Barcode Labels?

  • 10+ years experience in Digital Printing
  • 25+ years experience in Over Printing
  • Ireland’s first & only of its type digital Inkjet Press, using Food & Pharma safe EuPia, Swiss Ordinance & Nestle certified Inks. The Screen L350LM is also one of the fastest, most reliable and most efficient digital presses in the country
  • Our Press is driven by Hybrid Software. Hybrid is a market leading software solution for the front end of digital presses, making us market leaders for Barcode labels
  • Barcode & QR Labels, including GS1 compliant barcodes
  • Sequential labels, with any amount of complexity
  • Batch & BBD printing per order- at no additional cost
  • Special die cuts, of almost any shape
  • Variety of core sizes (19, 25, 38, 40, 45 & 76mm)
  • Large choice of sustainable options from materials, delivery, packaging, liner recycling & production processes
  • Online ordering portal giving transparency to pricing, label specs, live order statuses & order history giving customers 24/7 access to their labels, making it simple for them to order labels in a matter of seconds while on the go

Samples of our Barcode Labels