We Design And Print Cryogenic Labels In Ireland.

Our state of the art machinery and production practices make us one of the fastest label manufacturers in Ireland, with average lead times of 4 days.

It’s easy to re-order your labels using Siteline, our 24/7 online ordering portal which also allows you to upload batch information.

We’re in business:

25+ years

Daily Output:

2M+ labels

What are Cryogenic Labels used for?

Cryogenic labels are used to provide important information about materials and products that are used at very low temperatures, typically below -150°C. Some of the types of information that may be included on cryogenic labels include:

  • The name and identifying information for the product
  • The manufacturer’s name and contact information
  • Any relevant physical and chemical properties of the product, including its behaviour at low temperatures
  • Any hazards associated with the product, including flammability, toxicity, and reactivity
  • Handling instructions for the product, including any necessary precautions or protective measures
  • Storage and disposal instructions for the product, including the recommended temperature range
  • Any relevant regulatory information or certifications

Cryogenic labels are an important part of ensuring the safe handling and use of these materials and products, and it is important for users to carefully read and follow the information provided on the label. Cryogenic products and materials are often used in scientific research, medicine, and other industries where low temperatures are required.

Why should I choose Impact Labelling to produce Cryogenic Labels?

  •  Ireland shortest lead times with same day Emergency delivery options
  • A variety of materials from the world’s largest material suppliers suitable for a large amount of applications and extreme environments
  • Chemical resistant labels, Suitable for BSI standards
  • Opaque White- 73%
  • Very high lightfastness properties
  • Batch & BBD printing by order
  • Dedicated use of (non carcinogenic) Low migration inks
  • Ireland’s first & only of its type digital Press, using Food & Pharma safe EuPia, Swiss Ordinance & Nestle certified Inks
  • Variety of core sizes (19, 25, 38, 40, 45 & 76mm)
  • Choice of High Resistant & Laminate finishes for increased protection
  • Large choice of sustainable options from materials, delivery, packaging, liner recycling & production processes
  • 100% traceability through our label specific MIS, with customer access through our online ordering portal giving transparency to pricing, label specs, live order statuses & order history

Samples of our Cryogenic Labels

Impact Labelling Limerick | Cryogenic Labels